Friday, January 31, 2014

January 31, 2014

Hmm. I just discovered what 'planking' is and tried it. It is a different position than I thought ... I'd never really looked it up. It is actually kind of easy ... surprisingly, it really worked my abdomen ... will keep doing it and see if it tightens the muscles up.

This day has flown by! I just finished the headband. Took some pictures and packaged it up! I can't mail it until Monday, though ... her birthday is today but her party is next week, so it will arrive before then. Pictures on my craft blog: Loom Knit Scarf and Headband

Well, this totally sucks. The monitor just went out on my desktop ... so, I am on my laptop now. I'll have to hook up my TV to it later so I can finish some things I was doing. And, answer the mail I was just about to reply to when it went out ... Ugh. I wonder if I can hook the laptop monitor up to it ... I'll have to research that.

I cannot access FaceBook with my laptop ... this has been ongoing for quite some time and I can't figure it out ... so I can't post a pic or update to the 30/30 challenge ... :( I wonder if I can on my little tablet thingie. I'll check later with that.

I told my mom earlier about Museum Day tomorrow. She's going with me to the Ag Museum. And, I will take pictures.

Huh. That was weird. I moved the plug for the monitor to a different socket and it is working now. Looks like I may have more receptacles to replace ... oh, joy. So, back to the desktop!

Ooh, I've just found my next fermenting experiment! The ginger bug! I need to get some fresh ginger on Monday. I only have jarred ginger and powdered ginger right now.

I've got a headache. My mom's been watching BraveHeart for hours ... can't stand Mel Gibson ...

I did not get the little air gap thingie on the sink cleaned today, as planned. I could not get the diverter off. I need to soak it in vinegar and I am out of vinegar, it's so corroded! ... So, will have to wait until I get some on Monday.

Almost didn't get my 30 minutes of squatting in. Did some in my desk chair and also on my mini trampoline, so it added up finally.

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