Monday, January 6, 2014

January 6, 2014

It should be a fairly quick day of work today. I just have one reset and 2 stores I need to talk to and set-up a reset schedule for next week. Here in Woodland.

Water with potato starch.

100 jumps on the trampoline.

Looks like feeding the bucks 3 times a day is working out for them. They didn't wolf down their breakfast like they were starving to death!

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Well, that was a quick work day. I went to set-up a new store and the store personnel had already done it! Yay! So, I got the reset in another store scheduled with their department manager. Then, I went to Home Depot and spent over $300 on lighting and fans. I got 3 of the kitchen lights and 2 fan lights for the living room and my office. I need to order a matching light for the kitchen corner on their website since they don't stock it in the store. Doing that now.

Well, heck! The ones I want are not available online or at any store within 100 miles ... grrr. That suuuucks. Going to check with the store and see if I can special order ...

Milk kefir with potato starch, vanilla & maple syrup and, a slice of ham with a slice of pepper Jack cheese for lunch.


I've decided to finally start getting real spring water. The closest documented spring (on is in Angwin. A 3-hour round trip. It is a free spring (not inside a state/national park with entrance fees.) I want to make the trip once a month, so I need to stock up on big glass containers! The biggest I have are quarts. I need to check the thrift stores and the co-op for half-gallon and gallon containers. I know I would not be able to lift those big 5-gallon carboys, even though I'd love to have some. I hope to make my first trip next week when I'm able to fill up my gas tank. I really want to make my kombucha with spring water in the tea (I paid for the class already that is next weekend!) and also when I start making kefir water. Plus, just for drinking water that I don't have to buy extra things like dechlorinator and minerals just to make it less toxic!

Ribs for dinner! With some bacon. And, a Mandarin orange. And, milk with potato starch.

This has been a lazy day.

It's also a cloudy day. I wish it would just rain! But, nooooo.

Kalahari Chocolatté Black tea Hazelnut Mocha - mmmmm. I don't have this tea often enough. So good.

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