Tuesday, January 7, 2014

January 7, 2014

Today didn't start out great. I had a tummy ache which doesn't happen often ... only got one store serviced before I had to call it a day ... I started the day taking a bag of clothes to donate to GoodWill. I wanted to get gas at my regular station, but they were closed for some inspections of their tanks or something ... So, I went on to the co-op in Davis and got bunny food and a few other things. Then, I went to West Sac to get the car washed at my favorite car wash ... and THEY were closed! Will have to try again another day. Maybe they thought it was going to rain since it was so cloudy ... stopped at a Valero station and got gas. Then, on to Sacramento. By the time I finished servicing the store, I had to get home. Of course, now, I feel fine ...

Auction: Personalized Monarch Butterfly Address Labels

I need to get more printer ink this week ... somehow ...

Finally decided on a birthday present to make for someone. Hard to decide when you don't really know the person ... but, hopefully, he'll like it.

I had wanted to join in on the local WAPF butter buy, but after calculating the cost I find that it is cheaper to keep buying the pasture butter I've been using. At least for now. If they ever get into doing a RAW butter buy, I will probably go for that. The co-ordinator keeps saying they are trying to find a source, but it's not happened yet.

Getting a bunch of swaps and auctions packaged and ready for a Friday mailing. Almost forgot that I need to make another button fairy for a swap due Monday! I have all the parts picked out already. Just didn't get it put together yet!

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