Saturday, February 15, 2014

February 15, 2014

Ugh. It's been an awful week. I've been sick since Thursday before last. Started with laryngitis. Moved up to sinus blockage. Last weekend was really bad. Monday I turned 51 ... Then, I thought I was getting better and Tuesday a migraine took over ... not good. I finally had to work on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Still not totally well, but I gotta make money! Still have a bit of a cough that went down into my bronchi. Not quite bronchitis, but close ... still congested, too. Don't think I will be able to go to the craft circle at the co-op tomorrow. But, I need to get the bunnies' food ... we'll see how it goes. I may have to forage for their dinner tomorrow ...

Finally started working on my website again - so, check it out. Will be working on it tomorrow and Monday, too. Hope to get some more things listed on there. Probably some of my graphics (labels, swap cards, etc.) that aren't listed anywhere else right now.

I got refrigerator sauerkraut started today. I used purple cabbage, green cabbage, carrots, onions and garlic in the mix. Should be ready in about three to five days! I made 1.5 gallons split between pint and quart jars.

I broke one of my gallon water jugs today. It slipped when I was putting it in the fridge. Water everywhere. And, glass ... what a mess that was. Now, I only have one gallon jug for water ... will be a while before I can buy another one ... and, we go through a LOT of water ... :(

I'm continuing my 30/30 squat challenge. This is day 21 for me! I never stop. I squat all the time, anywhere. It's just so comfortable to do.
I need a different challenge. Like planks or something that I don't do regularly, but want to get into the habit of ...

I made a bunch of ATCs last night and forgot to scan them all before I packaged them for a swap. Mailed them this morning. I need to stop doing that ... forgetting to document what I've made ...

I also mailed the scarf yesterday that I made last week for a swap. This one.

I've decided to eliminate some of my blogs, or at least stop posting on them and just post everything here, including recipes, crafts, ads, etc. It's too much of a pain to post on a bunch of different blogs all the time (which I haven't even been doing, since it's just an annoyance to do ...) So, this blog will start getting even more cluttered soon. Aren't you thrilled?! Ha! But, I will be starting to tag some of the posts again like I used to and there will be a search button added, too. Getting fancy! ;)

I was going to start making yogurt and wake up my milk kefir, but I don't know where all the raw milk has gone that I got from the farm Thursday. No way have we drank a gallon and a half already. I'm going to have to start buying 3 gallons instead of 2 every week ... Just a half gallon left and it won't last until next Thursday ...

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 So cool. The knit scarf was received and praised. And, I got invited to a crochet swap! I don't crochet, but I might give it a try since it is just for a small brooch embellishment. It might be a good start for me since I want to do more of it. I can do simple chains, etc. but want to do more. So, I'm watching it for a while. The sign-up deadline is in a couple of weeks, so I have time to decide.

Well, time for bed, but before I close - Here's a great coupon for President's Day shopping - up to 75% off! It's good all weekend!
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