Sunday, February 16, 2014

February 16, 2014

I am utterly shocked! My mom is foraging for the boys!!!! She has never done this before! She just came in to ask me about a plant - if it was something the boys could eat! She has half a bucket of weeds for them. Enough for their dinner tonight! The rains have really got the weeds sprouting now. Plenty for them the next few days. This is good since I am really not well enough to go to the co-op this afternoon for the craft circle, so would not be getting a bunny box today ...

Make this cough go away!

Well, I didn't get to go to the craft circle ... I'm bummed about that. But, I did get all of my paperwork organized, new stuff printed/updated, and a new binder set up with all of my stores sorted in it ... hopefully, I will stop forgetting some things ... I should have done this a long time ago. I need to make a few dividers, though. I ran out.

Had a yummy dinner! 'Pizza' made with rice tortillas, Cheddar cheese and pork burger. Really just quesadillas, but not topped with a second tortilla ... And, strawberry shortcake! Mmmm. Made with Pamela's gluten-free biscuit mix, topped with strawberries and mascarpone. So good. And, raw milk with potato starch.

My ears are stopped up today. Hurts whenever I blow my nose. Just have to be careful so I don't rupture an eardrum (I used to do that a lot years ago ...)

Taking tomorrow off, since it is a holiday - President's Day - and no one will be in the main office, anyway ...

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I need to take a bunch of random pictures tomorrow for a few email swaps I'm in. There is quite a variety on the lists. I'll share them here afterwards.

I just packaged up a couple of swaps to mail on Tuesday. Basically, destash swaps of craft stuff I don't need but maybe someone else can use.

I need to make a whole bunch of ATCs, too, for various swaps. About a dozen of them ... not all due right away, luckily.

Day 22 of the squat challenge!
I need a new challenge after this one is over. This wasn't really a big challenge for me, since I do it all the time ...

Well, I didn't get anything listed on my website ... maybe tomorrow ...

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