Monday, February 17, 2014

February 17, 2014

Chilly morning. But, pretty clear skies and no wind. Would be a perfect day to paint this afternoon if I wasn't still SICK! Ugh. Annoying. Mainly a little bronchial congestion and a bit of a cough this morning. Otherwise, feeling much better. Which is good, since I have to work tomorrow ...

My mom says if it doesn't warm up, she won't be foraging for the boys today ... knew it wouldn't last. So, I will forage if she doesn't later. The boys need food. Sheree is throwing his bowls around since he finished his breakfast already. I always give him twice as much as Robby, since he's at least twice as big, but he always finishes first! Piggy! ;) He's really 'full of it' this morning. I'll have to let him out to run off his energy later.

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Working on my website ...

I did get some work on my website and posted a set of Ceramics Magazines. I haven't made any framed widgets, yet, or anything fancy like that. I will eventually as I add more things.

I foraged for the boys:
That will feed them tonight and in the morning.

And, they have both had time running around today. First Sheriff:

And, then Robin:
Ezra was in there with them most of the time, but he didn't want his pic taken today.
I used the old wire exercise pen stretched across the kitchen to make it easier to catch them when it was time to go back to their rooms. The living room has too many hiding places, so I don't let them have the run of the whole house right now. This room gives them plenty of area to run in.

I have neglected my surveys for about 3 months. Missing out on money!! Am starting to do them again. Need to cash out some of the accounts and start fresh.

Dinner is so yum. I LOVE lamb. Baked lamb roast rubbed with Greek seasoning and chili powder, with broccoli topped with raw Cheddar cheese. And, raw milk with potato starch.

I made an ATC for a fun swap. You go to this site: Holiday Insights & just pick an unusual holiday that you can do something with. I picked Pistol Patent Day. The day that Samuel Colt patented his revolver! And, who better to showcase it than Chris Larabee of The Magnificent Seven! (My favorite TV show ...)

I know, I know. I should have picked Supernatural which made The Colt practically into a character on the show, but ...

Another ATC for a swap. The theme was mystery and all I could think of was the old radio show, I Love A Mystery! So, that's what I made!
And, a third ATC - I'm not really happy with it. Theme was buttons.
Just finished watching Perception. I love that show. And, then saw a tweet from Anthony Starke that he's going to be on it. Started filming on Friday. My favorite actor! Can't wait to see it!!

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