Tuesday, February 18, 2014

February 18, 2014

Feeling a lot better today. Still have a tiny cough once in a while.

So, yesterday I got an email from my manager, Viola ... we are back to being limited on our hours - 18 hours per week plus 10 hours for special projects now that all the big resets are done for the season ... not that I ever have that many hours ... ever ... but, then this morning, I have 5 new stores on my list! haha! So, we'll see how it goes. I think they are one-time special visits, but there is no service or project info listed yet.

Well, long day. Kind of. I got 3 stores serviced. I wanted to do 4, but that's OK. I also stopped to get some gas and then to the co-op this morning and got bunny food. And, hot chocolate and tapioca. Yum.

Doing 2 stores here in Woodland tomorrow.

Listed a few things on Listia:
Auction: 10 various used USA stamps
Auction: Jumbo Rubber Bands - 5
Auction: 50 Small Rubber Bands

Dinner was salmon, and strawberries topped with mascarpone. And, raw milk with potato starch.

I've been looking into becoming a notary public. I've looked into it in the past, but never did it. I missed out on the next class which will be in March. No money for the fees ... There will be another class in September. That may give me time to save up the money and to learn more about it ... CA. has a lot of rules about it that I may not want to deal with, though ... insurance, etc. It may not be cost effective for me to do ... but, not sure yet ...

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