Wednesday, February 19, 2014

February 19, 2014

Already time to go to work ... glad I'm only doing a couple of stores here in town today. Not enough gas to go out of town ... if it was warmer, I would ride my eBike ... can't wait until I can!! It's a nice sunny day, but still too cool for me this morning.

Nikky's not feeling well this morning. Not sure what she got into or what might have upset her tummy.

Nikky still doesn't feel good.

I have 2 great coupons for my QuinGem's Creations Little Online Shoppe! Check it out - coupons!

New Criminal Minds and CSI tonight!! Yay!

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I might have to give Nikky some charcoal in the morning if she's not feeling better ...

I need to make some envelopes. I'm nearly out of them. Little envelopes for letters or cards. I have plenty of large ones. Time to cut pictures out of magazines and catalogs.

Just saw a commercial for ZzzQuil. I can't believe the crap people will put into their bodies! Made my mom think of an old cough syrup that my dad used to take called Rem cough syrup. I had to look it up. I don't remember it. She said he would only take that one because he grew up with it. It would knock him out. The ingredients were mostly alcohol, chloroform and some actual real herbs. Crazy.

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