Thursday, February 20, 2014

February 20, 2014

This day sucks. I am never going to catch up on my late bills at this rate ... or, get enough food to last more than a week at a time ... Or, get my mom to stop making me feel useless ... next week, we have to make time to get that loan to combine and get rid of the credit cards ...

I was able to go to the farm for milk and eggs. I love getting there while they are milking and getting the freshest milk! I'm going to wake up my milk kefir grains tomorrow before my mom uses all the milk again. Not going to start my yogurt culture, yet, that I got for my birthday. I hope to start getting a third gallon of milk each week, starting next month ... I hope ...
I think I killed my ginger bug ... ran out of ginger and sugar and no money this week to get more ... oh, well. I'll try again next month.

I may have to get snacks (jerky & nuts) from Home Depot again ... I really don't want to ...

Nikky was sick overnight again, and this morning right before I left. Giving her charcoal before bed didn't help ... So, I got a late start on everything this morning. I wouldn't have gotten to my stores in West Sacramento until after 11, which would not have given me time to get them all done before dark ... So, I'll get them done tomorrow. I also could only get $10 in gas ... so not enough to even last me through to Monday. So, not working Monday and most likely will be riding my eBike on Tues. & Wed. to go to do Davis stores. Not looking good right now ...

Going to start some bone broth - plain with no veggies.

Feeling better now. I was getting depressed earlier. Having been sick the past couple of weeks has really pushed my stress limits ...

Having a yummy strawberry/mint smoothie. Frozen strawberries, fresh mint leaves, raw milk, maple syrup and vanilla. Yum.

Going to get those envelopes made that I cut out pictures for last night.

I got 5 envelopes made in between taking Nikky out to potty ... numerous times. Poor baby. Rubbed some peppermint oil in her ears a little bit ago and she is resting now. Hope it helped a little.

Just read about a money-saving challenge and I am going to try it ... at the lowest level. Since I am broke! You can find it here and there are some great templates to print out to keep you on track. So, I have printed out the template for .25c per week and I have it in my jar now!

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Watching Roy Rogers Show on fetv. Simple fun.

Oh, now it's Lone Ranger time!

I think Nikky might be feeling better. She wanted her bowl filled. And, she's now in her favorite place in my desk chair seat behind me (so I can't lean back ...)

Having Kalahari Café Artisan ChocoLatté Black tea Hazelnut Mocha with added Dagoba Cacao Powder and raw milk. So good!

I am thinking more and more about breeding rabbits again ... It's just not feasible until I replace the floors (get rid of the damn carpeting ...) And, replace the big deck and enclose it ... that is still a few years away ... :( And, get more rolling cages ... I really like the ones I bought for the boys last year.

Just finished an ATC for a slash swap. Theme was Love. Showing a favorite pairing ... Of course, I chose Jack and Daniel of Stargate. I used some artwork I made a few years ago and scaled it down to print. Then, used rubber stamp letters and a star sticker, with some glitter glue. It's kind of cute.
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