Saturday, February 22, 2014

February 22, 2014

Got all the critters cages and bowls cleaned. Nikky was sick in her bed again last night and still is whenever she pottys ... But, no loss of appetite! Still perky, too! Weird ...

Have 2nd load of laundry going ...

Just relaxing for a while before I go out and PAINT!! It is a pretty day. There is a breeze that I hope doesn't pick up more, though. But, I will at least get some of the wall done.

Need food ...
I made a chai latté-raw milk-potato starch concoction in the blender. Not bad!

Bone broth will be done this afternoon. I just added some spices that need to soak in ...

Well, I got a good 90 minutes of painting done. Of course, the wind picked up, so no ladder work. So, I stood on a stack of pavers! I got most of the furnace door done, though! I honestly did a half-assed job on it because it needs to be replaced. It's very flimsy and I've had to re-drill a lot of holes to get it to stay in its frame because the wind has torn it off the wall in the past ... tomorrow, I hope to do more painting.
This is what I had done previously.
This is what I got done today.

I did three loads of laundry, too ...

I just finished making a new batch of kombucha and doing a 2nd ferment on the previous batch with added vanilla! That will be ready Monday. Mmmm. I hope to send out a promised SCOBY (or 2!) next week. I've now got about 8 or 10 extras in my little SCOBY hotel. I need to start making more! I may cut one up in the morning and see if Nikky will eat a piece. Her tummy needs the good bacteria.

Snacking on roasted, salted cashews and pecans. Not a fan of dead nuts, but I am out of raw and had to get these at Home Depot ...

Bone broth is jarred and cooling. Made 6 pints this time! And, my mom is going to make some beans tomorrow to put the meat in that fell off the bones. Will give Nikky some broth in the morning, too.

Dinner - half of a London Broil. Rubbed with garlic salt and Cajun seasoning. And, raw milk with potato starch. The meat was kind of dry. Not enough fat!!! :(

Listening to a podcast from Extreme Health Radio - Donna Gates interview. About gut health and how it connects all of your health ...

Having Kalahari Café Artisan ChocoLatté Black tea Hazelnut Mocha with added Dagoba Cacao Powder, vanilla, maple syrup and raw milk. So good!

100 jumps on the trampoline.

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I think tomorrow morning I will be casting on the yarn to start the bunny blankets on the knitting machine. I really need to get that done. Their towels are really getting holey! I need to make at least 4 to start with. And, more in the future. I want them to be about 22x22 for the first batch. Later I want to make a bunch of 22x36 to fit the trays. I'll need about 14 of those, at least, so I can clean the cages daily instead of weekly. That's the plan, anyway. Just hope the keyplates on the machine last until I can replace them (2 are cracked, but still useable.)

I'm going to catch up on a couple of episodes of The Michael J. Fox Show now that the critters are fed/in bed. I'm behind about 6 episodes!

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