Tuesday, February 25, 2014

February 25, 2014

Another pretty day. The clouds are starting to move in a little, though. Supposed to start raining tomorrow night and last for about 5 days. We really need it!

Dinner is yummy. Pork steak, tomatoes with chili powder and mascarpone, and raw milk with potato starch.

I love Perception. It is a really good show and makes you think! Lots of twists in tonight's episode!

I was not happy with part of the bunny box. I think some things from the salad bar got put in one of the bins they use for the animal food (it is for rabbits, chickens, hogs, goats ...) as there was some sort of vinegary liquid - smelled kind of like olive brine. I normally don't have to 'clean' the food, but I definitely had to tonight as it was kind of icky. I had to feed some of it to George (garbage disposal) as I know the boys would not have touched it. :( Oh, well. My mom and I have plans to forage tomorrow (weed the iris bed.) So, they will have plenty of food tomorrow.

I am going to the bank tomorrow and try to get that loan to combine some of my bills. Hope I can get it and my calculations are right and I will have a smaller regular payment than I had before I became late on them ...

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