Saturday, February 8, 2014

February 8, 2014

I feel awful. I have laryngitis! I haven't had that in over 20 years! And, my lungs are still filling up too much. Cough is not helping clear stuff out yet. But, from the shoulders down, I am fine! Very frustrating. So, I've been doing some stuff.
I added the veggies to the bone broth. I'll add the spices later and it will be done later today.
Got all the cages cleaned. Nearly out of greens for the bucks, so I'll have to go forage in the rain later ... :( I had originally planned on going to that water canning class in Sacramento today and would have stopped by the co-op for a bunny box ... but, that will not happen today. So, tomorrow, I'll have to go to BelAir around the corner and actually BUY some greens for the boys ... :( Boo. And, they have very few organic selections ...
Got two loads of laundry done.
Moved the exercycle into my room since my mom can't use it anymore with her bad knee. And, moved my craft table and knitting machine into the living room where I have good light to actually use it! I'm going to make a purple lap blanket for my mom. She keeps bugging me to make her one. Just have to go through my books to remind me how to get started!

Still pouring rain. I love it. But, I had to go out in it to forage for the boys' dinner! I'm drying out now ... And, I still have to take Nikky out at 3 ... and, the water for my tea is ready!

OK. Got that done. Also, spiced my bone broth. And, added to my Ginger Bug. Have my tea, now - Traditional Medicinals Herba-Tussin. Looking through my knitting machine books to find the pattern I want to work with. So many to choose from!

Mmm. Baked organic chicken legs for dinner. With baked organic Rome apple, stuffed with dates and topped with mascarpone. And, organic milk with potato starch!

Oh, no! I almost forgot I have a knitted scarf swap due on Friday! So, my mom's lap robe will have to wait until I finish that! As will the rabbit's little blankets ... oops.

Had to do another load of laundry. I was running out of handkerchiefs!

For the past few months, I've been gradually raising my feet when using the bathroom (TMI!! - haha!) I'd love to get a pre-made 'squatty potty' but no moolah, so I am improvising. Tonight, I finally moved my 'stand' up to seat level! It's weird after 50 years of sitting ... but, more comfortable than you'd think. It is the way all of humanity used to 'go' before latrines were invented and then Crapper invented the porcelain throne ... ;) I hope to actually build something similar to the squatty potty once I finish remodeling that damn room - it's been under construction for nearly 4 years! Ugh. Pics tomorrow!

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