Sunday, February 9, 2014

February 9, 2014

Just kill me now ... I feel awful. Same as yesterday, I'm fine from the neck down. But, my head is a mess and now I feel a fever ... suuuucks. And, I'm sneezing ... so, I doubt I will make it to the store for greens. I'll have to forage again for the boys later ...

So, last night, I had the presence of mind to cover the knitting table. I know my Ezra. It is his new 'spot'.
Broth is done and strained. Beef & Bean soup is started in the crockpot.
My head is still clogged, but dripping. Sneezing. Coughing. Slight fever is gone, though. Going to start knitting. Ezra has moved. haha!

Hmmm. Rain is supposed to start back up again soon. I better go forage the boys' dinner now ...

OK. So, last night I 'frogged' the little blanket I had started the other night at the craft circle. I decided to make the scarf for the swap with those colors. I'm starting on it now.

Gah. All of these knitting and crochet things I inherited and there is no 'Q' crochet hook. I found a project I want to try and it needs that. Oh, well. I could use my finger, but it won't give consistently-sized stitches ... I need to straighten out my yarn stash ... I might find more hooks ...

Hah! And, as promised a pic of my homemade 'squatty potty'. Not ideal, but it will do for now. ;) I keep saying Squatty Potty, but that is not the one I want. I want one more like the Lillipad. They even have plans on their site for making your own, which I might end up buying eventually. You're in more of a true squat with the Lillipad.

Great. Now, I have earaches ...

Scarf is half-done.

I hate DISH! I wish I'd never gotten the damn satellite. It's just a huge annoyance. My mom still can't figure out the channels or the remote no matter how many times I explain. And, I am so sick of the screens that constantly pop up! If it was just me, I wouldn't even have TV service. I get everything I want to watch on the computer these days ... But, I have a freakin' two year contract I'm stuck with!!

Loom knitting is very enjoyable. And, relaxing ...

I still feel awful, but slightly better than this morning. I hope it all passes by tomorrow ... yeah, happy birthday. Start your 51st year as healthy as your birth year ... huh. Started being sick at 4 days old, so that's not too promising ... :/

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