Thursday, March 13, 2014

March 13, 2014

Ugh. I am letting this financial problem get the better of me. I haven't gotten depressed, yet, though. Just stressed. Took my mom to the bank with me this morning as her income is being calculated in with this loan attempt (since one of the cards we want gone has both our names on it and this bank is where we have a joint account, too ...) Anyway, we'll find out by next Wed. if we can get the loan. The other bank I tried I couldn't get, but my mom is not at that one ... so, we shall see ... My mom keeps wanting to ask my cousin, but I really don't want to go that route. It is too much to ask ... I'll file for bankruptcy before I do that ...

Whatever happens, I'll be changing my phone number next month ...

Just finished making a new batch of raw milk kefir. I have nearly 3 tablespoons of extra grains I may sell soon. I'll be starting another batch of kombucha tomorrow and finally start the Matsoni yogurt culture I was gifted last month.

I put the closet doors back on my mom's closet. Wish she would make up her mind. Those damn things are heavy! Huge mirrored closet doors. We took them off last year and dragged them out to the deck to get rid of. Guess it is good I didn't get them listed on Craigslist ... still have the same problem. The track is bent, so one of the doors can't be opened without jumping the track constantly!

Dinner was lamb shoulder steak and baked butternut squash (with some sea salt and cinnamon), and raw milk kefir (with vanilla and maple syrup and potato starch.)

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