Friday, March 14, 2014

March 14, 2014

I am not going to cry ... yet.

I discovered I 'bounced' in one of my bank accounts. I forgot to make an entry in my ledger ... So far, 3 bounce fees and a bill I paid returned ... and, no money to cover it all ... this sucks ... I haven't bounced anything in 30 years! Seriously ... :(

It is cold this morning. I can't seem to warm up. I was going to service my eBike (make sure the batteries are still fully charged and the tires are inflated, etc.) and rearrange the shed this morning, but no way am I going out there yet. I thought it was supposed to get near 80F today! It's still only 59F ... hmmm. I know it doesn't sound cold to some, but it is ...

Having fermented veggies and raw milk kefir (with vanilla and maple syrup) for lunch.

I put my mom's medicine cabinet door back on. She really, really can't make up her mind about things sometimes. Just like the closet door yesterday. Another thing it's good I didn't get rid of ...

Mmmm. This batch of kefir is really good. I'm getting better at making it. Not fermenting as long, so it doesn't taste as cheesy as previous batches.

My hands are freezing!

I'm roasting the seeds from the butternut squash we had the other night. Using this recipe, even though I don't have a cup of them! Roasted Winter Squash Seeds
Mmm. Tastes like popcorn! haha!
Just went out to pull some Bermuda grass for the boys' lunch. I told my mom that I finally found something that Bermuda grass is good for! The rabbits! haha! Such an invasive 'weed'!

I decided to wait one more day to start a new batch of kombucha. But, I have the raw milk yogurt starter fermenting on top of the fridge! Tomorrow, or Sunday, I should have yogurt to eat! I hope!

Having half an apple with honey and cinnamon for a snack.

Finally! One bunny blanket done! Not as big as I'd planned, but I ran out of the scrap yarn I was using. Next one will be bigger. It will probably be in different shades of blue.

Salmon and eggs for dinner. With kombucha.
I've spent the past several days going through the Volition site. I used to surf it constantly for jobs. That is how I got the job I have now 12 ½ years ago. It's where I first found mystery shop jobs to do before I got this job. So, I am finding all the companies I used to work with before and updating my profiles. Some of them, I still used my old email and can't get into them to change anything ... because I can't get into my excite email! I can open up my excite front page, but it won't let me get into my email! grrr. Anyway, I hope to start doing a few mystery shops a week to make more money. I'd be able to do more if I had a smart phone, apparently ... things sure have changed! But, there are plenty in my area that I can sign up for.

Back to doing a lot of surveys again, too. I slacked off the past few months ... not good. But, I've made at least $6.00 this week! haha. More than I had!

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