Saturday, March 15, 2014

March 15, 2014

It's been a fairly busy day today. And, pretty.
Robin and Sheree had outside time today and I think they really enjoyed it. I rolled their cages out on the deck to clean them. I set up the exercise pen down in the yard in a big patch of sweet alyssum. So, they each had about 20 minutes play time. They ate and Sheree got to dig a little. I gave Robin the knit blanket I made. Must make more of those!
It's been forever since I've been outside!
I'm going to mark this fence, so no one else can come in here!
I love my new blanket. And, milkweeds!
Milkweeds, milkweeds. Nom, nom!
I made a new batch of kombucha with black tea, lavender tea and strawberry tea. And, the previous batch is second-fermenting with mint, vanilla and chunks of strawberry!

I checked my yogurt and it's not ready yet. Hopefully, tomorrow ...

I pulled my eBike out of the shed and aired up the tires. Rode it to the post office to mail out some swaps. Thank goodness I have plenty of stamps already so I could mail them before the deadlines! I made 3 ATCs this morning that were mailed.
Going For A Jaunt - This swap was to make something with a Victorian lady with a hat on it.

 These two were to choose a wacky holiday and make an ATC. I chose Learn About Butterflies Day for both of them.

I didn't have any breakfast this morning. And, lunch was about a cup of kombucha. Dinner is ¼ of a pork roast (it was pretty big!) and wild rice blend cooked in butter. With raw milk kefir (flavored with cinnamon and maple syrup.) And, oh my! That is the best kefir!!
The angle of the picture makes it look like more rice than meat and it's really a big hunk of meat ...

My mom just tried to argue with me that The Waltons was Papa's favorite show ... um, that's not possible since he died in 1969 and the show didn't start until two years after that ... wtf! I never liked that show ...

It's been a nice day. Had the doors open most of the day. 'Fresh' air!

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