Sunday, March 16, 2014

March 16, 2014

I'm having an early dinner - leftover pork roast, with raw milk kefir/maple syrup/cinnamon. I need to leave in a few minutes to go to the craft circle at the Davis Food Co-op. I'm taking yarn, crochet hook, knitting needles and a very old beginner crochet booklet I found in my bookcase amongst all the craft books I inherited from my aunt Jeanne. It is from 1950 and has very clear illustrations! I also found a size C crochet hook that I might use to learn tatting/lace eventually. Also a partial skein of very thin yarn. Looks thinner than fingerweight ...

My raw milk yogurt is now in the fridge to set. Should be ready to eat tonight! And, it is the 'mother culture' so, I have to save part of it to start the next batch tomorrow.

I was able to get three rows of crochet done before the chains got too tight, after many do-overs.  I am getting the hang of it. I used the C hook, which is the smallest one I have, after trying with the I hook - my biggest. I did not like that one at all. But, the C hook was really easy to use. I actually did not enjoy the craft circle tonight ... it was outside in the cafĂ© area of the co-op, rather than the conference room, and pretty distracting. The screaming girl scout cookie-mongers didn't help ... :( I go there to get away from stuff like that ... oh, well ... next time I go, I may ride my eBike as the sun is setting later and it would still be light out when I get home (the circle usually ends at 6, but I left a little early tonight after getting the bunny buckets filled.)

I so dread tomorrow ... I need to make phone calls to 3 eye doctor offices to set up a time to deliver some POP materials. This is a new contract and a one-time visit, but I don't do well with phones so I stress out about them.

It is getting hotter. It was 82F today. Nice day, really. Which reminds me, the rabbits' towels are still out on the drying rack on the deck. I better bring them in so they can have fresh beds in the morning. It's so nice not having to use the dryer, though!

OMG! My yogurt is so yummy! It's not quite as thick as I like and it's a little lumpy, but I'll work on that more in the future. For now, this is good for my very first batch!
You can tell it has thickened while in the fridge. You can also see where it had started to get a whey pocket before I put it in the fridge.
I added some organic cinnamon and vanilla. No sweeteners tonight.
The cinnamon and vanilla has been mixed in. This yogurt has a very mild taste, not too tart.

I'm really pretty happy about how my fermenting projects have been turning out. The only fail I've really had was the ginger bug because I ran out of ginger. So, I'll be trying that one again in the future.

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