Monday, March 17, 2014

March 17, 2014

Whew! That wind today is horrible! I lost some of my paperwork as the folder was blown out of my trunk when I opened it. I was able to catch up with the folder and a couple of pages ... and my hat! And, it's a chilly wind.

I did get a chance before I left this morning to call the eye doctor offices. I'll be servicing 2 of them tomorrow, but have to call one of them back. The person I needed to talk to wasn't there today.

I had homemade tapioca for breakfast this morning. And, water with potato starch.

Lunch was beef jerky, pecans and water. And, raw strawberry/mint/vanilla kombucha when I got home.

My mom tried my yogurt this morning and liked it! Trust me. I'm shocked. She used to be addicted to that Activia crap and is always bugging me to get it again. Which I won't do ...

Oh, I made 2 jugs of sun tea yesterday. Forgot to mention that. One is hibiscus. The other is lemongrass, strawberry and I'll be adding some fresh lemon juice when I drink it.

The neighbor's mother is staying with them and she has a chihuahua (Scooter) and the damn thing tried to pee on Nikky through the gate this morning! Grrr.

I need to take a bunch of pictures for a couple of email swaps this week. I forgot to take my camera with me today, so will have to take one around here today for that (it's a daily pic for a week swap.) And, I have a treasure hunt picture swap, too. And, a couple of others. Gonna wear my camera out this week!

Hah! My manager sent an email with the 'script' to call the eye doctor offices! I already called them!

I've started another bunny blanket with scrap yarn on the long loom. The other didn't last, though! I think one of my knots failed in the washer ... oh, well. It's good practice!

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