Tuesday, March 18, 2014

March 18, 2014

I didn't finish my blog last night and didn't realize it until after I hit the publish button! Oh, well, you just missed my dinner pic. haha!

The wind that was supposed to end last night ... didn't ... it is worse today! I hate wind. And, it's a cold wind ... I have 6 stores I want to get done today, but that wind might wear me out! We'll see ... I will for sure get those 2 eye doctor offices done. I am calling the third one back and hope the right person is there so I can schedule for Thursday to get that one done.

Damn! I'm good! I serviced 6 stores this morning. In less than 3 hours! They were all here in Woodland. But ... still ... I'm good! haha! I was home before noon.

This was lunch when I got home.
Strawberry/banana raw milk kefir smooth with added maca powder, hemp seeds and kombucha! Mmmmm. Want more!
It's been a lazy day. Did a bit of loom knitting, read some articles. I also found my next craft project! I just need to look through my supply stash to make sure I have some things I can use for it! We'll see how it goes!

Dinner was baked butternut squash and lamb round steaks. And, milk with potato starch. I actually forgot to take a pic! haha!

The afternoon flew by! Watched some old Criminal Minds and the season finalé of Perception. LOVE those shows.

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