Wednesday, March 19, 2014

March 19, 2014

Quinn and Gemini were born into my hands 26 years ago today and saved my life. I doubt very much I would still be around if not for them. They've both been gone for 16 years. I miss them every day.

I had homemade tapioca for breakfast along with water/potato starch.

Listening to another Daniel Vitalis interview on Patrick Timpone's radio show.

Also, having lemongrass/strawberry sun tea with added lemon juice.

That was an enjoyable couple of hours, listening to that podcast.

Now, I am experimenting in the kitchen with this recipe: Grain-Free Flatbread 
This turned out really good! My mom says it needs butter, though! Mmm.
I need to wrap a present and package it to mail out tomorrow.

Ugh. I hate doing surveys written by illiterates who don't use editors. Waste of my time, as I can't finish them if the question has no logic ... or missing words ... or mispellings!

Got this from one of the newsletters I get. I've never been there, but this is a cool pic. I love the clouds.
Lava Beds
Flickr user Susan Stienstra | Lava Beds National Monument -- Tulelake, California

The earth is the mother of all people, and all people should have equal rights upon it.
~ Chief Joseph

I don't feel like I've accomplished anything today ... hmmm. I got the present ready to mail. I foraged some greens for the boys. I found a new place for my old record albums. Moved some books to a different shelf ... made flatbread ... started a new bag for thrift store donations ... did some loom knitting ... did 3 loads of laundry ... huh. Guess I did do a few things ...

Dinner was wild rice blend cooked in bone broth, with chicken/apple sausage mixed in. Strawberries topped with mascarpone. Raw milk with potato starch.
Took a bunch of pics for an email swap. I love doing those kinds of swaps. They are free to mail! And, I see pics from several other people with the same theme! It's kind of fun. Here are my six pics:

1 - Something you're quite proud to call your own;
I won this painting in an auction on Listia for a very low amount of credits a couple of years ago. I think the lady could have gotten a good amount of cash if she had put it on eBay instead. I love it.
Those are my dad's bronzed baby shoes under the painting.

2 - Someone younger than you;
This is Nikky. She is 4½ years old.:)

3 - Flowers or a plant with multiple colors;
This is the flower on one of my lettuce plants. They grow wild and re-seed themselves. My rabbits love them and we eat them, too. I originally planted them a couple of years ago and they keep coming back.

4 - Something oval;
A pastured egg from my local farmer.

5 - Something that floats;
One of my tropical fish. The other two were camera-shy!

6 - Something crafted either by you or someone else.
Some of the paper beads that I make.

Amazingly, my mom must have actually listened to the Daniel Vitalis podcast earlier! She started a discussion during dinner about some of the things he talked about and that we are already doing and now kind of understands it better why we are doing it (the semi-paleo, re-wilding, ancestral types of eating/living.) She said she remembered when she was little that they only ate real food they raised or hunted up until her mom left when she was 6. They still did raise rabbits, chickens and ducks after that (along with the horses and a couple cows) up until she was about 12 and then started moving from relative to relative to family friend, etc. And, she doesn't remember eating any 'crap' food until she married my dad! She was skinny like me until then!

Ooh! New Criminal Minds and CSI tonight!

I've gotta work tomorrow. Booooo ... and try to pay some on a bill ...

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