Sunday, March 2, 2014

March 2, 2014

My mom is 74 today.

Washed dishes (usually my mom does this, but I was being nice ...), steam-cleaned the floor, vacuumed the cabinets, fed all the critters.

Trying to decide what to take to the craft circle ... might take some crochet to practice on and maybe someone else there knows how and can give some tips.

No rain yet, today. But, supposed to later. Hopefully, it will hold off until I get back from the craft circle after 6!

Whew! 200 jumps on the trampoline and Nikky kept her front paws on it for almost 100 of them!

Listening to more Sheb Wooley music this morning.
B0002IHE36 22 Best of The Best; Ben Colder, Sheb Wooley, 1921-2003

Strawberry Raw Kefir Smoothie for lunch (like yesterday ...) Yummy.

Listening to Jim Croce.
B0002HSEC2 Way We Used to Be

Getting my stuff together for the craft circle. I'm taking crochet hooks, book, yarn and also the loom knit blanket I'm working on. So, I should get something done!

Nikky is going nuts. There is a new stray cat that keeps coming to the deck and looking in the sliding glass doors. It's young, maybe 7 months old. Shorthaired, black & white. Ezra hasn't noticed it yet.

Got everything ready for work tomorrow. I have to pay bills and go shopping tomorrow, too ... it'll be a long day ...

Having a very early dinner before I go to the craft circle. Pork shoulder steak with fermented veggies and, raw milk with potato starch.
Craft circle was relaxing. I got some more done on my loom blanket piece. Then, I practiced my crochet tension. I actually got 3 rows done! I did one chain row over and over, just practicing and unraveling before I started trying for joined rows. I'll unravel this little bit, too. Still need to work on the tension. I get the chains way too tight.

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Watching an old episode of Hawaiian Eye!

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