Thursday, March 20, 2014

March 20, 2014

It's been a VERY long day and I am tired! And, starving!
I paid a bill, got gas, got hay for the bucks, dropped off the present at the post office, then went to the farm. Brought the milk and eggs home and then went to the co-op. Bought some meat and a tapioca and got the bunnies their 2 buckets full of food. Then, off to Sacramento to service 4 stores ... along the way I stopped several times to take pictures for two of the photo email swaps I'm in. I took over 50 pics, but cut it down to about 23 good ones that I'll be posting later. I got home after 4! Having a kombucha while my mom is making hot wings for dinner.

One of the areas I stopped at for pictures was the Yolo Bypass Wildlife Area. I've never been down there! It was relaxing. I was there about 20 minutes and only drove around part of it. There is a bigger section I didn't go to, as I knew I didn't have time.

I ate them all!
And, my mouth was on fire from the yummy spices!!

You can check out my email swap over on my other blog: Photo Of Your Country #1 email swap
LOTS of pics in it! It was fun. It is a tour of part of my area!
I'll be doing another email photo swap tomorrow!

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