Friday, March 21, 2014

March 21, 2014

Just got back from riding my eBike to the post office and bought more potato starch (I forgot yesterday!) When I got back, I pulled the big yard umbrella out of the shed and put it back up. Also, pulled out the ladder and took it to the back of the house. I am going to paint after lunch!!

Heating up the last piece of flatbread in lots of butter for a snack since I haven't eaten anything yet. Having my water with potato starch, too.

Just finished making a new batch of raw milk kefir and also a strawberry/banana/kefir smoothie for lunch. I'll make some more yogurt tomorrow.

Going out to paint!

I'm beat! I swept and cleaned up the carport. It was filthy and a jumbled mess. Much neater now. And, I painted. Not much, but more than was done before!

Nikky was waiting impatiently for me to finish!
Having my last bottle of kombucha. I'll have to check in the morning to see if the next batch is ready to bottle yet, although it will only be 7 days ...

It so sucks that White Collar will be ending in their shortened season 6. Only 6 episodes! Hopefully, they'll have time to wrap some things up in that amount of time ... :(

We're watching the original The Fog. Love it!

Having chicken wings for dinner again tonight. Always good! Ooh, and my mom made cinnamon tapioca, too. And, having raw milk with potato starch.

We had an early dinner! But, I am stuffed!

Got two more rows loom-knitted on the bunny blanket. I'm going to finish a batch of paper beads that I had started MONTHS ago and they are just sitting on my shelf ...

Read outside for a while, since I set up my reading table and chair in the carport earlier. The weather is so nice now, that I need to get back into doing that. First coat of glaze is dry on the beads, so I can get that second coat done now!

I've got 60 done now. I'll be putting a lot of 50 on Listia later. I'll finish coating the rest that I already have rolled tomorrow and then get them listed.

Auction: Handmade Paper Beads - 50

I found an adorable craft I'll be making. I have all the 'ingredients' set out to start tomorrow. I just need to find my roll of masking tape ...
Ah. Found it! So, I'm good to go! This will be the first items for sale on my craft page at if all goes to plan! I just wish I had some differing sizes of skewers ... I only have the 4-inch size ... I'll get more in the future if these sell. You'll see what they are tomorrow! ;)

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