Saturday, March 22, 2014

March 22, 2014

OMG ... my mom is watching Twilight ... shoot me now ...

I am so cold this morning ... must find food. Maybe that will warm me up ...

Mmm. I heated up leftover cinnamon tapioca.

Busy day ahead. Must clean cages.

And, I'm going to get my new craft started! I hope it turns out good! ;)

The first load of laundry for the day is started.

Two loads of laundry drying on the line.

Got all the cages done and the bucks ran around in the doves' room.

Just made a strawberry/banana/kiwi raw kefir smoothie. Not bad!

We're watching The Fog again!

Working on my little craft project. :) It takes a LOOOOOONG time for the glaze to dry on fabric, though ...

I am not in the mood to paint outside ... so, I am going to keep crafting!

But, first, I have to repair my mom's moccasin ...

There were 2 stitches broken where her big toe pushes at the seam.
I had to pull out the thread far enough to be able to tie in the new thread.
I didn't have the right kind of thread, but this will do for now.

OK. So, I made a set of little fabric flags! This one is a set of 6 black flags. For a first time, they aren't too bad! I will be making more in the future in different colors and sizes; some fabric and some paper. Check them out here: Black Flags!
Having lemongrass/strawberry tea with added lemon juice.

Lamb steak for dinner. With fermented veggies, and sweet potato with lots of butter. And, raw milk with potato starch.

Now, to start on the other craft I am going to be making! I know I have a corner rounder paper punch somewhere around here ...

Well, poo. I can't find my grommets or the grommet tool. I did find the corner punch ... so, I'll have to wait on this craft. I also found more scrap yarn I can use on the bunny blanket.

I'm going outside to read for a bit.

I'm bummed. I can't even find my spray glue ... ugh.

Found my grommets, but not my grommet tool ... which I need to hammer them together neatly. Hmmm ... I have a snap-setting tool that might work. I'll deal with that tomorrow.

WooHoo. Found them! Not the grommet hammering tool, but grommet pliers. And, the spray glue. So, now I am set to make this craft tomorrow! I have to use the spray glue outside and the light is fading now.

I got 2 more rows loom-knitted on the bunny blanket. Taking my time on it.
Now, it's Nikky's bedtime, and dinner and bed for the rabbits and doves.

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