Thursday, March 27, 2014

March 27, 2014

Today was pretty much a bust. My manager wasn't able to meet me due to a problem at another store, but I didn't find out until I got to my first store ... oh, well. I left home early and rushed to get to the farm early for milk and I didn't need to ... but, I got 2 dozen free eggs as he had an excess! So that was good! They are such nice people!
So, I got 2 stores serviced, got gas, bought a few things at the produce stand and the co-op and came home.
Then, a cool thing was discovered. My mom noticed one of the wild Mourning doves is nesting in one of our planters on the deck! I didn't see her there the other day when I was out there spray gluing a craft, so she must have moved in after that. We normally have several wild doves eating here, but none have ever nested here!
Isn't she cute!?

I made sure to fill the deck feeder. I'll need to get the bird bath set up again next week.

Oh, and I took pics when I got home of some of our irises blooming in front of the house. I almost forgot!
Yay! My friend Velda will have internet again by next week!!

I just joined the PostCrossing site. It's a postcard swap site. Looks like fun. My first postcard will be going out to Germany! So, I'll get it made this weekend.

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