Monday, March 3, 2014

March 3, 2014

I haven't been so behind in bills in nearly 15 years ... this sucks. I'm just going to let a couple of the credit cards go and concentrate on trying to get my utilities caught up which will take months as it is nearly $500 now even though I've been paying a little every week ... all because my mom's SS got cut back in November and I had those two down times from work (not of my choosing!!) Even borrowing a few hundred from my cousin didn't help and I don't want to borrow more from him (I am still paying him back ...) So, whether I get that credit card loan thing (I should find out later this week if I can get it ...) I'm not going to be able to catch up. And, if I disappear for a while, it's because I lost my internet ...

I am still loving this rain! It's mostly drizzly right now; no downpours, but it is so needed around here.

I have finally decided what I am going to do once my mom is gone ... since I know I can't afford to keep paying for this place once I don't have her Social Security money. I have 11 years until I can get Social Security, so hopefully she's around at least until then! I'm going to sell this place and get a small RV just for me and one critter. So, I am going to really start getting rid of stuff around here, little-by-little.

Talked to my other bank today about a loan and I think it's more likely I can get it through them than the one I already applied for (I'll find out about that one later in the week.)

Pork roast, and raw milk with potato starch for dinner. I'm stuffed!

Just finished making another swap ATC. Sewing theme. So, I sewed on a button and a charm. The background is a picture of sewn fabric.

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