Tuesday, March 4, 2014

March 4, 2014

Nice surprise in the mail - my oil check was a couple weeks early! So, I paid a bit on a couple of bills and bought more groceries.

I am off tomorrow, so I will be going through a lot of the VHS tapes that my mom keeps bugging me about and see what is on them and get rid of them if there are any duplicates or stuff we just don't want. There are probably about 20 that will go in the garbage and another 20 that I am going to list in a bulk lot in my Bonanza shop or on Listia. Some of them are screeners from when I worked at a media distributor (in the mail room) years ago.

I bought knitting needles! I got size 7, 14-inch aluminum needles at Michael's. I also stopped at a thrift store near the co-op and found a Knifty Knitter 22-inch blue long loom!! Perfect size to make the bunny blankets!! It has 2 broken pegs, but I can replace them and they are on the end, so not really needed. It was only .99c! And, I found 2 skeins of wool - one red & one black - for .99c each. Now, I will find out if I can work with wool without problem (I am allergic ... or, at least I was as a kid.)

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