Wednesday, March 5, 2014

March 5, 2014

Well, it's good I had planned on being off work today. I woke up VERY dizzy. Can't drive when I get like this. Can't even stand up straight! Everything is tilting ... grrr. Hate when this happens.

Little Robin Hood is 1 today! Hopefully, I'll get one of the bunny blankets finished later today. I got about ten rows done last night while I was watching Perception.
Going to let him run around the other room later. I'll take some pics.

I need to get a new batch of kombucha going later.

And, go through the VHS tapes.

Tossed about 50 VHS tapes. Hated to do it to some of them, but they were used blank tapes and I doubt I'll ever record on VHS again! Even though I have 4 working VCRs ... This weekend, I'll start going through the rest of the VHS tapes and find the duplicates we have in DVD and computer files. Then, the bulk lot listings will begin ...

Bacon! Having some for lunch.

Kombucha time! This batch will be a pomegranate white tea/black tea blend. And, I will be boxing up some SCOBYs for a friend in Texas to mail out tomorrow. I have quite a few extras and may start listing them for sale soon.

Kombucha is fermenting. Previous batch is second fermenting with added vanilla and mint leaves. I packaged up 3 SCOBYs to mail tomorrow.

Added a couple of things to Listia.

Third load of lundry is in the dryer.

I weighed myself this morning ... haven't since I was sick last month ... I lost weight ... too much ... need to gain some back! I'm down to 105. Not good, although I feel fine. But, I need to weigh more. Getting back up to 119 is still the goal ... have farther to go than before, though ...

Going to weigh the critters next. Have never weighed the bucks since they stopped growing. Haven't weighed Ezra and Nikky in a couple years!

OK! Nikky still weighs 12 lbs. Hey, if I carry her around all the time, I'll weigh 117! hahaha!

Robin is almost 7 lbs.! I didn't think he weighed that much! He's so tiny compared to everyone else when you look at them together.

Robin with carrot.
Sheree is 9 lbs.! He looks so much bigger, but I have to remember that rabbit bones don't weigh as much as dog or cat bones.

The Sheriff!
Ezra is 10 lbs. but he lost a LOT of weight when he was sick in November. He would probably weigh as much or more than Nikky, otherwise. But, he's picking back up some of it.

My mom is making some kind of spicy hot mess to slather on chicken wings. Experimenting. I tasted it. The hot sneaks up on you. Whew!

I am still dizzy ...


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