Saturday, March 8, 2014

March 8, 2014

I haven't felt like blogging the past couple of days. Been busy, I guess ...
Failed to get the loan at one bank, so will try the other on Monday.

Made a new batch of milk kefir yesterday. Going to have a smoothie later. Yum. Have a LOT of milk kefir grains now, so I had to put some in a jar in the fridge to hibernate. I'll be giving some to the farmer's brother next Thursday.

Nikky cracked a molar recently. Not sure when ... but, noticed it 2 nights ago. Changing her food slightly. No bones ... she loves her bones ... I need to find a way to grind them, I think, so she can still get some of the benefit of the bone and marrow. She does drink bone broth, too, so that may be alright ...

Finally, almost finished with the first bunny blanket. Just need a few more rows and then cast off the loom. I have about 4 more inches to go.

It's supposed to get in the 70s with a breeze (but, not wind ...) Rain comes again tomorrow, though.

Almost time to clean cages ...

Some articles I've been reading this morning, along with some vids & pics:
The Ugly Side of Statins: What You Should Know
Breathtaking Photos of an Island Ruled by Horses
5 Reasons To Full Squat - Somastruct
Little Penguins Sweater FAQ at
Jun Tea

I checked out ... oddly, it says I have a 'thin file' so can't be rated ... and my mom has a fair rating of 677 ... hmmm.

Critters are fed, cages cleaned and bucks had run-around time.

I just re-checked CreditKarma and re-did my profile with my middle name and got a rating ... 629. Not good ... Just a year ago, I was near 750 ... oh, well. It will get figured out eventually ...

More articles ...
Lunches with ‘Grandpa Bub’

Making beef bone broth and poultry (turkey and chicken) bone broth. It's good I have two big slow cookers and lots of bones!!

Having leftover chicken for lunch, along with a strawberry/raw milk kefir smoothie! Yum!
I need to go forage before it rains, since it is supposed to rain tonight and tomorrow. The boys will be out of greens in the morning.

The clouds are already moving in and there is more than a breeze ...

Knitting! I'll work some more on that blanket. I'm also going through those VHS tapes and making a list of the ones I'll be replacing first.

I just love this guy! He's is so quirky and original.

I can't believe it's after 1 already! This day is flying by ...

Starting to get a headache ... grr. It's been a fairly nice, no-stress day, so far, too ... hmmmm. Gonna grab some more magnesium and willow bark ...

More VHS tapes have been tossed ... hundreds to go ...

Foraging done for the boys.

Still have a headache.

Starting dinner. It has several steps that may take a while. Gotta chop up a butternut squash ... fun.

OMG! Dinner is so good! It was quicker to make than I thought it would be, so we are eating early. And, there are leftovers. It made a lot. Here's the recipe I used - Squash Hash with Chicken, Apples and Bacon!
And, of course, raw milk with potato starch.

OK. I remembered to put my kombucha bottles in the fridge! I forgot to 'burp' them the past couple of days and BOY, did the carbonation build up. They really popped, but luckily, did not overflow. Here's a pic of one that I am going to drink now. It's been about ten minutes since I opened it and the 'head' is still building as I sit here typing!

I am getting frustrated with this blog post ... I keep getting error messages and I can't even load the preview ... not sure what is going on ...
Ah, OK. I figured it out. Blogger limits your labels! If you have more than 200 characters, they throw a fit!

I just finished watching this Google Hangout. It was so interesting and I learned a lot more about fermenting. I can't wait until her next one!

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