Sunday, March 9, 2014

March 9, 2014

I woke up at 6, but it was really 7 ... stupid time change ... so, I got up and started my day ...

The past couple of days, I've actually been eating breakfast! I haven't done that in about six months or more. I'm just not hungry when I get up ... but, in an effort to gain that weight back, I thought I'd better try ... so, I've been having pecans, raisins and a Mandarin orange. Plus, my usual water with potato starch ...

Can you believe Matthew Gray Gubler is 34 today! :)

Lunch is leftover beef soaked in butter, ¼ cup fermented veggies, & strawberry/raw milk kefir smoothie.

Mmm. That was good. And, Nikky got to lick the butter from the bowl and also the kefir jar and the blender jar after I poured my smoothie out. Good stuff for both of us! She did not get the juice from the fermented veggies as there are onions in that.

I am finally getting my office straightened up. I has a floor! And, I finally put the old lamp together as best I could. Not done right, but until I can get the right parts for a 100+ year old floor lamp with odd-sized parts ... it will have to do. It's been in pieces for far too long.
That floor area was cleared since the pic was taken, too! :)

I filled 3 small bags of various things to donate to the thrift store!

Did some foraging for the boys. There are so many greens in the yard! Good stuff for them tonight!

Dinner is lamb shoulder steak and leftover butternut squash hash, and raw milk with potato starch.
After dinner, I'll be straining all the broth that's been simmering all day. I did not add any veggies to either pot this time. Just a little sea salt and black pepper.

I have six pints of poultry bone broth and six pints of beef bone broth cooling before the caps are tightened and they are put in the fridge. I might put half in the freezer ...

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