Saturday, April 12, 2014

April 12, 2014

Well, my day went sideways early on ... it started out okay.
I made these yummy 2-ingredient pancakes finally. It is just 1 banana and 2 eggs; mash the banana and scramble with the eggs thoroughly (can use blender) and cook in about 2 teaspoons of coconut oil (or butter) on low heat. Makes about four 5-inch pancakes. I will definitely make them again. I topped them with butter and a bit of maple syrup.
Ignore the burned one in the back ...
Then, it was time to clean cages. It's a very nice day, so I decided to clean cages outside and let the bunnies graze in the flower patch. So, I ask my mom to sit outside to keep an eye on them. Big mistake ... led to a hissy fit and she is now hiding in her room with her puzzle ... I still let them graze, but I had to stop what I was doing every few minutes & check on them so they didn't dig out. So, I got my stair exercises in ... grrr. Took me an extra hour to do everything.
Robin with alyssum seeds on his face.
Sheriff hiding. He's a digger, so really need to watch him.
The doves got outside time, too!
Squabbie loves millet sprays.
The boys are molting - Big Boy in this pic and Little Boy in the pic above. So, they have some 'bald' spots!
And, the bucks back in their cages, eating kale ...
Sheriff loves to wad his blanket up in a ball.
Robin is usually much 'neater' with his blanket. He folds it over!
And, finally, a pic of the hatchlings! Papa dove was not going to move and kept hitting me with his wing.

I had originally planned to drag the bucks cages downstairs and scrub them ... but, that has to wait for another day when I actually have some non-tantrum help ...

And, I had also planned to paint ... but, I still need to make kombucha, kefir and yogurt and that will take much of my afternoon. Need to find something to eat right now. Having some detox tea, so hope that will calm me a bit more ...

I already foraged for the bucks a bucket of Bermuda grass for their dinner.

Filled the birdbath and set up a second feeder.

Nikky is feeling better today.

I am exhausted. Made kombucha, sun tea, raw milk kefir and raw milk yogurt. My second ferment kombucha is bottled with vanilla and ginger. First time I have used ginger in it, so hope I like it!

Got all the critters back in the house and settled. Too tired to do anything else today. Tomorrow, I'll be setting up the second birdbath up on the deck. It's a small one and easy to clean. I'll also get the hummingbird feeders up.

Third load of laundry is in the dryer. Actually, the first load is still hanging on the line. The other 2 loads went through the dryer ...

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I just discovered a really good craft I am going to start on for making bunny rugs, since I can't seem to get in gear to finish the loom-knitted bunny blankets ... I am going to make rag rugs for the bunnies! I have several old sheets that I already use for them. But, folding them up small enough to lay in their floor is a pain and they just hide their poop in the layers, so I have to shake them out before they get washed. The rag rugs will be easier if I make the weave tight enough. And, I can make them to the size of the floor area. I'm going to start ripping the hems out tonight and cut them tomorrow.
If this craft goes well, I'll also use it as the backing for the pom-pom rugs & pillows I still want to make, too.

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