Sunday, April 13, 2014

April 13, 2014

Well, this is a sucky start to the day ... just got a 15-day notice on my PG&E ... have some calls to make again in the morning ...

Another day I can't seem to get warm.

I am freezing and I am depressed ... and, my schedule got shifted around again ... have to work tomorrow ... should have enough gas ...

Working on my taxes ... fun ...

Still trying not to get really depressed, but doing better. Having raw milk kefir with maple syrup and cinnamon. Mmmm.

Finished my taxes. Getting enough of a refund to pay the PG&E past-due amount, if I get it back in time. Need the money by 5/1 ... or I'll have to ask Curtis for more money, after all ...

Got the load of laundry done, foraged more Bermuda grass and other greens from the yard for the bucks, did my exercises. Now, I'll be moving some things around to fit my sewing machine back out here and then work on the rag rugs.

Oh, and here is day 4 of baby doves!
Such a good daddy, protecting his babies.
Got the knitting machine put away until I can get new keyplates for it and set up the old sewing machine. One of these days, I will get the old Singer serviced and get it running. Until then, this will do.
This is an old Domestic Rotary sewing machine - this model was made from 1933-1941. It's basically been in the same family since it was bought new. My aunt Jeanne's best friend Betty's mother, Bea bought it. Well, her husband Jim bought it for her. Betty and my aunt Jeanne were both born in 1933, so a sewing machine was a must-have back then for a busy new mom. Jim and Bea helped raise my mom, too. Betty gave it to me about ten years ago.
Two projects to work on! The square material to the left of the sewing machine (on its table leaf) is for cloth wipes. I had cut them out sometime last year, I think ... and then put them aside for some reason and never sewed them together! I'll do those first. Then, the sheet on the work table needs to be cut in strips to start the rag rug.
Siiiigh ... the tantrum is apparently over. My mom finally came out of her room with her puzzle ... I think she was just too curious about the noises made while dragging the sewing machine out here and then the sewing ... and, now I've gotta listen to the crappy TV she's watching. Transformers or something like that. Brain dead crap ...

But, I'm almost done sewing the squares and will start on the rectangles next.

Done with the cloth wipes! Ten squares and 4 rectangles. Now, I can get rid of some of the old, holey wash rags I've been using! haha! TMI!
Save money! Save trees! Use cloth wipes! ;)
Time for dinner, so I may not get much done on cutting the strips for the rag rug tonight.

My bad shoulder is really acting up today. It's burning ...

Worked on the jigsaw puzzle for a bit. I'm about ¼ of the way done already. I didn't even work on it the past 2 days ...

Time to put the critters to bed. Nikky is bugging me to go out.

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