Wednesday, April 2, 2014

April 2, 2014

April 2
Well, last night, my modem bit the dust, so I didn't get this blog posted! Oh, well. So, luckily, this morning my oil check was in the mailbox so I was able to fill up the gas tank, pay a couple of bills (including the cable internet - and I asked to make sure my service hadn't been turned off since I was late and it was not) and had enough to go to Fry's and get a new modem. So, I'll find out when I get home if the modem was really the problem! Right now, I am in my car at the Davis Co-op, using their free wi-fi! Just got the bunny greens. I'm on my way to service a couple of stores and then will come back here this afternoon to do my paperwork before I go home (just in case the modem is not the only problem.) Can't be late on my paperwork.

April 1
It's raining, it's pouring ... April showers bring May flowers! Love it! And, I have lots of greens I can forage for the bucks every day. Just came in from pulling and clipping their greens for their dinner and breakfast. They do so well on them. So glad I don't feed them extruded, processed pellets. They get such a variety this way.

Breakfast was scrambled eggs along with water/potato starch.
Lunch was pork chunks fried in butter. Spiced with garlic salt, cayenne pepper and cilantro. And, water sans potato starch. ;)

I made this little notebook from junk mail this morning.

It is 2½x4 inches. I'll be making more of these for my swaps! Fun and easy and nearly free item to trade. Only the glue and staples aren't free.

100 jumps on the mini trampoline. That is part of my challenge to myself for the month. Have more exercises to do after I'm done with my Yogi Detox tea (with ¼ teaspoon added coconut nectar.)

Second load of laundry in the dryer!

Have all my paperwork ready for work tomorrow. Have 2 stores in Davis I want to do and also going to the co-op for more bunny greens. I wish I'd had the money today to go, as they were having a parking lot sale of some cool old co-op memorabilia ... oh, well.

Ah. Done my exercises ... 10 counter push-ups, 10 backwards counter pushups, resistance rings, twist board and dumbells ... haven't done any of those in ages. Must get back to it daily.

Clipping critter nails ... and my own.

Making confetti with my cat and bird mini-punches and hole punch.

Made these cute ATCs from junk mail. I'm not real happy with them, but just playing around ...
Dinner! Chicken thighs, millet with lots of butter, raw milk with potato starch.
Wow! An 8.0 earthquake struck on the coast of Chile and triggered a tsunami. No word on damage from either, yet.

Chocolatte Mate tea-time. Topped with milk. Mmm.

Cashews and mascarpone to snack on.

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