Monday, April 21, 2014

April 21, 2014

Well, so much for my nice tax refund. All gone, now. Paid bills, bought some groceries. Sadly, no meat at all. My mom kept on about 'I need this, I need that' ... so I bought a bunch of stuff that is not meat ... and, I could not get her coffee, so she's annoyed about that ... grrr. I can't win with her. I can't even tie.

I did finally get MSM powder. Hoping it will help my old shoulder injury a bit. It's been bothering me lately. I had always gotten capsules in the past, but have been out for a while. And, I just learned ... don't put it in plain water. Ick. haha. I need to get my mom to start taking it for her old knee injury ...

Flickr user Brenda Reamy | Harts Landing -- Sarasota, Florida

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