Sunday, April 27, 2014

April 27, 2014

It's supposed to rain today. It's cloudy, but no rain coming down, yet.
Exercises are done. Had tapioca for breakfast. First load of laundry in the washer ...
I really need to get started on making those little rag rugs I planned on making. Just need to get in gear to cut the sheets into strips ...

Second load of laundry started ... I need to go forage for the boys before it rains ...

That's done. The boys will eat for another day! ;)
Got a bag of stuff ready to take to GoodWill. Books and straw hats.

Now to find some scissors that are actually sharp enough to cut through fabric ...

I was going to have a strawberry/banana smoothie for lunch and realized I am out of strawberries! So, I had a cacao/banana smoothie. Same recipe as yesterday, just no strawberries and a whole teaspoon of cacao!

I have spent a relaxing morning cutting the sheet in strips for the rag rug. My right hand is so tired from using the scissors! Now, I need to cut some cardboard to the width I want for the rug and make slits in it to hold the strips ...

But, first I need to find out my mom's problem with the plunger ... grrr.

Well, that crisis is averted. She just doesn't know how to use an old-fashioned plunger ...

I have spent most of the day working on the rag rug. Learning as I go about how long to cut the pieces, etc.
This was one full-size flat sheet ... I'm going to have to cut another one to finish it next week. I need 3 more sets for the warp (each warp is a set of 6 strips of sheet) and then the rest for the weft of the weave. All of the strips are about 33.3 inches long. (the sheet was 100 inches long once the hem was removed.) Luckily, I have plenty of old sheets!

Waiting on dinner. Having a kombucha. Starving. My mom used the leftover marinade from yesterday's ribs on whole chicken legs. I can smell it. Did I mention I'm staaaarving ...

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