Friday, April 4, 2014

April 4, 2014

Whew! This week has been busy. And, wet. But, the weekend is here!

Things are looking up slightly ... or, really, I just quit giving a damn. Two of my credit cards are gone. No way I can pay them when they want. So, the collectors can have fun calling and getting no answer. Hah! But, I have 2 of my bills caught up and next week, I'll have another one caught up. My utilities are still behind, but not as bad as it was. And, I have a whole $26.25 in my savings. I am keeping up with that 52 Week Money Challenge (Kid's version) that I started last month. If I am able to keep it up, I'll have $344.50 at the end of the year! My goal is to do that at two of my banks, so I may be able to start on the other bank next month and catch up so they both have the same amount in the savings accounts. We'll see. I'll get things paid eventually.

I bought strawberry plants at the co-op today. My project for tomorrow is to build this:

Sunday, I'll be going to the craft circle again. I'm going to make more of those yarn brooches with my little Bloom Loom.

I bought a repositionable glue stick at Michael's this morning. I had a 25% off coupon. Now, I can make some of those notebooks I mentioned in another post.

We had some wonderful downpours today (I nearly got soaked a couple of times.) But, the nuts were out in force on the highways! I really didn't want to be out there! And, the light-up highway signs were warning of the upcoming road work on Highway 50 in the next month. I am going to avoid all freeways! I don't want to get stuck in the traffic. So, I am already getting my territory maps laid out to take all back roads and surface streets to avoid the mess. It is going to be chaos out there! It's going to impact I-5, Highways 50, 80, 99 and several other main roads. Craaaaazy.

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