Saturday, April 5, 2014

April 5, 2014

I'm listening to a really good Daniel Vitalis interview with Extreme Health Radio -
Always a good listen.

First load of laundry is started.

I am freezing again this morning! It's only 45F right now. I should warm up later when I start cleaning cages ...

Third load of laundry in the washer.

I'm having vanilla/maple syrup kefir for lunch. I'm boiling some eggs, too. Might have a couple later.

Just cleaned Nikky's yard. Got the cages cleaned earlier. Also, steam-mopped the floor. After lunch, we are moving the doves' room around. I need to make it easier to catch the rabbits. Too many hiding places in there and keep having to chase them around the damn table in the middle of the room! Not fun for me. They get a good prey workout, though ... After that, I'm going out to make the strawberry tower and get them planted. And, fill the dove feeder and set the birdbath back up. I'm going to try the old penny trick so that hopefully it won't get so much algae in it all the time.

We got the room re-arranged! I like it. I finally convinced my mom that I don't like eating at that old table - we usually eat in the living room/office, anyway, so the table isn't being used. When I inherited it, I only wanted it to make crafts and puzzles. I only have bad memories of eating at it. So, that is the new puzzle area! I like it against the wall. It was in the middle of the room and I did not like it there. There is a lot more floor space now. We also moved the old console TV out to the deck. I really need to get rid of it and the other one that is out there taking up room. But, they are too heavy for me to move off the deck and put in the car ...
 Hard-boiled eggs are done and load #4 in the washer.

Time to go out and build the strawberry planter, now!

Got the strawberry tower done. I like it. The strawberries are the Chandler variety (and my mom's mom was a Chandler! haha) My mom wants to do that to plant some herbs. I don't think we have enough of the right-sized pots right now, so that will have to wait a bit. We just have a little cress plant that needs some friends, so need to get more herbs, too ...
We don't use that door, so this is the perfect spot for it.
Now, to hunt for some wheat pennies in my collection to put in the bottom of the birdbath when I get it set up.

Aaand, the birdbath is back in business! Scrubbed out all the old, dried algae, put some pennies (wheat-era, when there was more copper in them) and filled it up. I know one of the Scrub Jays has been hanging around the deck again, so he'll probably be the first to get in the bath. They always did in the past. Next weekend, I hope to have some extra money to get more sugar so I can get the hummingbird feeders going again. I got lazy about them last Fall.
Papa dove really watching everything we've been doing outside. No hatchlings, yet.
 Last load of laundry in the dryer.

I'm tired ... but I still have to make kefir and yogurt ...

It's such a pretty day. It is 71F right now. My shoes and socks are off finally and my feet are happy!

Kefir is done. The yogurt will have to wait until later when my mom gets done in there ...

I didn't get the sun tea put out, so will do that tomorrow before I go to the craft circle.

I started making a puzzle! I haven't made a real hands-on jigsaw in probably 20 years or more. My mom makes them every damn day on a big corkboard on top of a card table. But, I had nowhere to make one. So, I just make them online. But, those only go to about 200 or so pieces. I'd been making 1000+ piece puzzles since I was 5. I miss that! Maybe I can dig out my 3500-piece puzzles! I only have a couple of those. But, I am working on a 1000-piece now. I think we have close to 100 jigsaw puzzles around here ... Some are as old as me. I made the 'frame' in about 15 minutes. I'll probably just work on it 15-minutes at a time. Going to take my time and hope no-one 'helps' me with it ...

Finally started to read Daniel Vitalis' new online magazine and the newest newsletters. Packed with great info and an interview with Arthur Haines and one about wolves!

Mmmm. Cold chocolate milk. Haven't had that in ages, it seems. Raw milk with raw cacao powder and coconut nectar.

Had to do another load of laundry. Ezra got sick on a vintage afghan ... and a mini-quilt. Poor baby had a hairball. He's shedding like crazy this week.

I didn't get the yogurt done, so will have to make that tomorrow ...

Great. The noisy neighbors are serenading the neighborhood ...

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