Thursday, May 1, 2014

May 1, 2014

My mom is moving furniture ... AGAIN!!

I went to the farm this morning and also the store ... we really needed FOOD! Mainly meat!

My local grocery has a survey testing program that I joined. This month we are testing a tea and it smells and looks darn good. My only problem is the 'flavors' in the ingredients ... but, I will give it a try. I am making sun tea with it right now.
It should be done soon.

Today is Sheriff's first birthday. He and Robin have been out on the deck most of the day. It hit 91°F & still rising, so I brought them in and turned the air on. They were starting to pant. I still need to go out and forage for them and then get the barbecue going for dinner. Ribs! And, potatoes cooked in the coals! Mmm.

I made a new batch of raw milk kefir. And, I messed up my last batch of yogurt. I don't think I fermented it on top of the fridge at all. I think I put it straight in the fridge ... it was the consistency of ... milk ... So, I'll put it in smoothies. I started a new batch and it should be fine.

I also got my sprouts started. Hopefully, this system will work and I'll grow some this year!
When I stopped at the little pet store around the corner, I got some Keep Off repellent. I hated to do it, but the vinegar just is not working on this little brat next door. He comes and poops and pees on our carport steps several times a week. He doesn't even live there, his human visits there. Well, anyway, I grabbed the wrong one! I grabbed the one for cats, so will have to go back tomorrow and get the one for dogs!

Getting the barbecue started. Pork ribs rubbed in red pepper flakes and Trader Joe's Dukkah blend. Russet potatoes, green onions and butter in foil. Can't wait!

Tea! It's not bad, but it's also not one I would have bought on my own.
Dinner was good and I am stuffed!
I topped the potato with some spicy curds. Yum. You can't see the green onions, but they are there!

I finally took some pics of Sheree. They are a little dark, though.
He's such a messy eater! ;)
Solomon's Temple
Flickr user David Silva | Solomon's Temple, Capitol Reef National Park, Utah

There are two kinds of light - the glow that illumines, and the glare that obscures.
~ James Thurber

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