Sunday, May 18, 2014

May 18, 2014

It's been a lousy week. I don't get sick very often these days, but when I do it hangs on tight! Last Sunday, I felt a migraine creeping up that hit on Monday and finally left on Wed. Sort of ... I was able to work Thursday and Friday, even though I was exhausted and had a regular headache. Yesterday, I felt like crap again and now the migraine has crept back in on the opposite side (I rarely have a migraine on the right side. Always the left ...) Along with the migraine, I've had gut issues for the first time in years, too ... ugh. Prior to about 3 years ago (when I got serious about eating well), I had chronic migraines for ten years and intestinal issues for most of my life. It's been so nice not having them nearly every day, so it really reminds me how much healthier I actually am these days even though I am not feeling so healthy at this moment!

I did not go to the craft circle today ... I am bummed about that ...

I did roll the bucks outside to the deck this morning. It was really nice out for them ... then, the noisy neighbor's grandkid and his friends started playing in their carport and the screaming was too much for me. So, brought the boys in and closed the house up ... :(
They got a treat of half a kiwi and a small piece of nectarine (I had the rest of it) for lunch.
For lunch, I made this pretty purple raw kefir/raw milk smoothie! Banana, blackberry, hemp seed, maca powder, cacao, maple syrup and gelatin.

Drinking some ginger tea right now. In a measuring cup! haha!

Nikky and Ezra were playing hard around the tunnel toy earlier ...
Oh, no! She's taking pictures again! She's going to steal our souls!
Exhaustion has set in ...
I took some pics of Nikky yesterday for an email swap. She has a fixation with the noisy neighbor's rose bush ...
Every time she goes out, she heads straight for the fence to stare at the rose bush!
Silly grin.
Dinner is organic chicken thighs. With some sort of egg and coconut batter my mom made up. And, raw milk with potato starch. Mmmm.

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