Tuesday, May 20, 2014

May 20, 2014

So, I had planned on servicing 4 stores today ... I only got one done here in town because I realized when I got back in the car that I didn't have enough gas to go to Davis and Dixon to do the other stores! I didn't have paperwork with me to do any others. Grrr. So, I came home. So, tomorrow, I will get 3 more of my Woodland stores done since I do have enough gas to do those or can ride my eBike. I'll do the Davis and Dixon stores on Thursday.

I did yard work for about 30 minutes after I got back home. Helped my mom clear all the dead leaves, etc. out of the big brick box. She can't reach across the whole thing nor climb up in it. There was a lot! All the purple irises and several others were done blooming or were just completely done for the season. Looks a lot better now. Still some weeds (spotted spurge!) that she is going to pull out tomorrow, that the bunnies can't have.

I just made a super-yummy smoothie! The recipe is here: Banana Almond Butter Coconut Smoothies
I used raw milk in place of coconut milk, of course!
It's hard to tell in the picture, but the smoothie is a pretty creamy color.

I'm tapping my continuous-brew kombucha for the first time! Going pretty smoothly, so far. I started second ferments on EIGHT bottles! Four are blackberry/vanilla and four are lemon juice. Can't wait to try them later in the week! Waiting for the tea to cool, so I can put the brew jar away for another week.

Oh, I don't think I mentioned it, but my dehydrator died last week! I took it apart yesterday to see if it was just dirty, but nothing seemed wrong. I guess the motor just wore out ... So, now, I need to save up for a new one ... yeeeah, that's not gonna happen for quite some time ... :( I priced them at Fry's Electronics yesterday. There are 3 different brands there. I took pictures with my phone to add to my wish list.

I also decided that after this damn contract is over with DISH satellite, I will no longer get TV service. I very rarely watch TV, I watch most things on the computer. My mom, of course, must have TV and can't figure out most things technical to save her life! So, I am going to get indoor antennas for all 3 TVs (I already have 2 digital converters for the 2 analog TVs) and also a very long USB-to-USB cable to hook my desktop computer up to the living room TV and we can watch all the movies, TV shows, Hulu, RabbitTV and all the other options available for free. I have shorter connectors to hook the other computers to the analog TVs in our bedrooms. Everything else I need, I can get at Fry's. Took pics of those for my wishlist, too.

I think my mom is trying to wean herself from the TV, too. She's moved the old stereo into the doves' room where she also set up her puzzle card table and has that on most of the day, lately. Country music ... ugh.

We are having baked flounder with lemon pepper seasoning and lemon slices for dinner. Also, cherries. And, raw milk with potato starch.

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