Saturday, May 24, 2014

May 24, 2014

This day is not starting off well ... my mom is trying to pick fights. I just want to cry ...

Cages are clean; critters are fed; yard is clean. Eyes are itching. Kombucha!
Blackberry/vanilla kombucha
Milk kefir made. Also made another yummy strawberry/banana/raw kefir smoothie for lunch.

Hummingbirds are fed.

I should make yogurt ... but, I think I will do it tomorrow.

Rode my bike to the mailbox so I could mail a swap. And, I really like how the ATC turned out ... but, I forgot to scan it for my files! Hate when I do that!

I rearranged part of the shed, so my bike is easier to move in and out of it.

I must find a recipe for killing these damn little fruit fly/gnat creatures that are bugging me!

Ah, found one I will try. A bowl of vinegar/dish soap. We'll see if that does anything!

I just started a new group over on Swap-Bot: Thrifty and Crafty Postcard Pals It's for US members only. Hopefully, I'll get some members! Ha! Need to invite some people I know are good swappers.

Just finished spraying most of the spotted spurge weeds with vinegar. Hopefully, they will die off overnight! Ha!

Mmm. Dinner is a yummy omelet with chicken/apple sausage, cherry tomatoes and bell pepper. And, raw milk with potato starch.

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