Sunday, May 25, 2014

May 25, 2014

Bunnies are out of food ... So, I'll be riding my eBike with the trailer to Davis this morning to get them some free bunny greens at the co-op. I haven't made such a long trip with the bike since last year. It's good I'm off tomorrow!

I. Am. Exhausted! Twenty mile round-trip. But, I enjoyed myself on my ride. Took a couple pics of a Red-wing blackbird (he was preening himself across a ditch; this was as close a shot as I could get with Zoom) and also what I think might be blackberry bushes on the side of the road. The fruit is just breaking from the bud, so they will be ripe enough to pick very soon. I will be stopping often in the next week or so to check on them! I also picked up a bunch of bottles and cans. Filled two 4-gallon bags! I could have filled more, but I was getting too hot. Glad I had my water with me. My legs were getting tired, too. Even with the batteries, I pedaled a lot.

Brought the boys in from the porch when I got home and turned on the air! Having lemon kombucha on ice!

So far, the vinegar/dish soap bowl is not attracting the gnats for a drowning! Grrr.

Soaking all of my lemons in vinegar water right now. I should have done it when I brought them home last week as 2 of them had to feed 'George' (the garbage disposal) due to some mold on the rind. I want to make lemonade and don't want to cut through mold spores (or a wax coating if there is one on these organic lemons.) I was hoping to freeze some of the rind so that I will have some to make some lemon rind candy and some lemon extract in the future.

35 lemons! Squeezed by hand! Whew! I saved most of the rinds. Just need to clean out most of the pith, cut them in strips and freeze them. I put part of the juice in ice cube trays. The rest is honey lemonade! Yum!

Arrgghhh! It's 100°F!!! It may have been hotter earlier, but I hadn't looked at my desktop temp icon for a few hours.

Despite what it looks like, this is sooo good. Chopped chicken in a mixture of black rice, wild rice blend and millet.
Honey lemonade on ice and a nectarine snack.
Yay! I have 5 new members in my postcard group on Swap-Bot!

It's time for Nikky and the other critters to go to bed. But, it looks like Ezra already has a new bed for the night! On top of Robin's room!
Everybody's in bed but me. Time for some chocolate milk and Criminal Minds before bed.

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