Tuesday, May 27, 2014

May 27, 2014

Whew! This day has fled pretty quickly! I got 3 stores serviced in Dixon and stopped at the co-op in Davis for bunny greens on the way home. Got home at 1! Pretty good! Also, when I left I saw a hanging lamp for free in front of one of my neighbor's space with a 'free' sign on it. When I got home, it was still there. So, I grabbed it - it matches the lamps I bought for my kitchen! Some day, I will get around to putting them up!
When I got home, I filled the hummingbird feeders (I took them down this morning and scrubbed them before I left for work.) And, put out sun tea to brew.
I've been watching Criminal Minds for the past couple of hours ...
I now have 9 members in my little Swap-Bot group! First swaps will be up next weekend. :)

Dinner was breakfast! Yum! Omelet with leftover beef roast, bell pepper, cherry tomatoes, apple chunks; bacon; raw milk with potato starch.

I've been loving this Criminal Minds marathon the past couple of days! But, must go to bed ... :(

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