Thursday, May 29, 2014

May 29, 2014

It's been an annoying few days dealing with my mom's attitude ... really stressing me out to where I don't want to do anything ...
But, today I had to go shopping and to the farm. I also took 4 bags of stuff to GoodWill. And, when I got home, we loaded one of the old TVs into my car so I can recycle it tomorrow. The other one will go next week.

Check out this twinned strawberry I got in a pack today! It's huge!
This is dinner -
wild cod with TJ's Dukkah spice blend; scrambled eggs; hash browns with green onions; strawberries/banana/cream cheese/cacao; raw milk with potato starch.
And, I made this earlier - a homemade soft scrub and it works pretty good!

I'm contemplating selling on eBay again. I haven't for quite a few long years. I used to make good money on there ... so many rules, though. It's so different than it used to be ... but, I really gotta get some of this clutter moving! My Bonanza sales just aren't moving fast enough ...

I shared this on the socials earlier:
It's Throwback Thursday somewhere, so I throw in this old pic of me and my favorite cousin. I'm 8 weeks old and Curtis is 4 years old in this pic. So this is in April, 1963. My parents and I were temporarily living with my aunt Jeanne, uncle Buddy and cousins Steven and Curtis in West Sacramento at the time. I still have some memories of playing on that big ottoman.

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