Saturday, May 3, 2014

May 3, 2014

I am so behind on things already. I forgot to mail some things yesterday, so after I clean cages I will have to go to the mailbox. I also woke up late ... 15 minutes, but still ...

I rolled the bucks out on the deck when I did get up. It's supposed to be a nice day. So, I'll clean their cages out there again. Don't know if I will let them graze today, though ...

I just cannot get in gear after the long day I had yesterday ...

It took longer than I like to clean cages, but I got them really clean. I unbolted the grill and took it and the trays out and sprayed them with the hose. Got them really clean. And, both boys got to play outside. I made my mom sit with both of them, since they were on the other side of the house from the deck where their cages are.
Damn. It is such a nice day out. It's 80°F and I still have the boys out on the deck. Too nice out to bring them back inside. It is good for them.
I've filled the bird feeders (both hummingbird and seed,) bird bath, watered my strawberries (which are doing awful ...,) walked with Nikky to the mailbox (we haven't done that in ages, so she enjoyed the outing,) did 2 loads of laundry (which is hanging on all the outside and inside lines and drying rack.) I also refreshed my sprouts with water and they are doing pretty darn good. They barely had 'tails' last night, but have about ¼-inch sprouts now!
Little Girl really wants a nest ...
Dinner is beef heart (with lots of nice fat!), strawberries with Belfiore Farmer's Cheese, and raw milk with potato starch.
I'm going to have to call the oil company that my royalties come from next week. I seem to be getting less and less every month due to the deductions they are taking. I need to find out why they are taking so much more lately. For years and years, they only deducted about $7.00, but for the past few months it's been over $100! I rely on that check every month to help pay bills and buy food! It was nearly half my income, now it is less than a third. Big difference. This oil company share was bought by my grandfather the day my dad was born in 1937. It's been pumping strong ever since. Six months ago it was nearly twice what I got today ... :(

Trying to decide on what craft to take to the craft circle again ...

I had to close up the house and turn on the air. The noisy neighbors always flood their BBQ with lighter fluid to start it. Gas out the neighborhood! I had to take Nikky out and she started sneezing, the smell was so strong. Ugh.

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