Saturday, June 28, 2014

July 28, 2014

I think we broke a record cleaning cages. Done in an hour! Including cleaning the dog yard. My mom is getting impatient to leave now! The Tasting Fair at the Co-op is from 11-3, so there is no hurry! I also want to stop at the berry bushes.

Woke up this morning to my computer monitor hanging across the desk! Ezra must have had a wild night! Luckily, it wasn't cracked, though it had some rub marks across the screen I was able to wipe off with computer wipes.

Got back from Davis about an hour ago. I was very disappointed ... We got there a bit after they were supposed to start. I had stopped at the berry bushes and that was a jackpot! Got to the co-op and got my bunny greens. Then, we wandered around and of the 20 or so vendors that were supposed to be there, only about 8 were set up and ready! And, of course, my mom was impatient and did not want to sit and wait for the others to set up/arrive ... had some yummy Llano Seco pork and sausage and tried The Latest Scoop gelato (so yum!) If I'd gone by myself, I would have stayed until they were all there ... oh, well. Maybe next year. But, here are the blackberries I foraged!!
Wild blackberries! Rinsed in vinegar bath. About a pint, I think. I'll forage more on Tuesday.
Spicy chicken bone broth ready to strain. This has been in the slow cooker the past 2 days.
Nice. I got the A/C parts I ordered, already! I'll try to get that done this week ... Might be Friday before I can, though.

Tomorrow, I have to leave early to be in Sacramento for the foraging meet-up. Hopefully, I'll be home before it hits 100°F ...

Broth is done and in the fridge. Cutting fresh pineapple, now ...

Gave the bucks some pineapple for a treat.

I hate garbage disposals. I wish I could re-do the kitchen now and get rid of the damn thing. Even when we don't really use it, that side causes clogs ...

My hands smell like pineapple. Nice.

Hmm. The boys must be full, or they don't like pineapple ...

Here is what my mom painted today.
Mmm. Dinner. Lamb shoulder chop; foraged wild blackberries with cream cheese; raw milk with potato starch.
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