Friday, June 13, 2014

June 13, 2014

Just came in from two hours of painting. I would have done a bit more, but ... the wind came up. It really dries the paint out too quickly and it starts clumping on the wall before I can spread it out! But, I did get quite a bit done! And, I got wounded. My mom let the lock off too quickly on the ladder without holding it and it slammed down on my already bruised foot. Damn foot is never gonna heal at this rate (I dropped the floor steam cleaner on it a couple weeks ago ...) And, my neck is killing me from looking above me at an odd angle to paint. I just got a good pic of one of our wild birds while I took the pic of my painting progress. She was sitting on the fence cussing Nikky out for interrupting her lunch. (Nikky was laying under the feeder while waiting for me.)
I believe this is a young female Northern Mockingbird.

I'm going to rest a bit and then get a new batch of kombucha started.

I got a batch of milk kefir done while I made a blackberry/banana smoothie for lunch. My mom wants to make a big batch of tapioca, so I'll wait a bit to do the kombucha.

Kombucha is made. I used an oolong tea this time. Sun tea is outside steeping in the sun - Apricot Passionfruit Rooibos. My mom is pissed at her tapioca as it is not thickening like it normally does ... we'll see if it turns out or not.

I just discovered my library card is expired (since March!!) I am trying to sign up for the Adult Summer Reading Program and the Library To Go Big Library Read and can't download the book for free through their site without my card. I sent an email to see if I have to go over to the library or if there is a way to update it online ... The first book looks fun, 'A Pedigree To Die For' by Laurien Berenson. They are closed today and only open in the afternoon tomorrow ... :(

Dinner is sooo good. Baked chicken legs, Granny Smith apples topped with cream cheese and cinnamon, and raw milk with potato starch. Mmmm.
My bad shoulder is hurting so bad right now. I had to do some of the overhead painting left-handed. Really stretched the muscles that hold the bad cuff. Gotta have some willow bark ...

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