Saturday, June 14, 2014

June 14, 2014

Soooo, no painting today due to the darn wind ... :(

Done cleaning cages and vacuuming. Brought the boys in already, though. It is just too windy out there. And, my mom wants to go to Home Depot ...

WooHoo. I got a bid on my tea set that is listed on eBay!

Well, I got talked into redwood mulch. Mainly, so she'd quit harping on it ... I am not a happy camper. Just got enough to fill the front corner area, for now. Four big bags ... I will also be getting red lava rock to put on top of it. We'll probably put this in the big brick box, too, later on. :/

I can't believe we got Ezra 3 years ago, today. Such a handsome boy.
I said his name, so he woke up.
I still can't get used to the white ruff around his neck that appeared a few months ago. He did not have it before he got deathlly ill last November.
Done. It doesn't look bad, but I really didn't want to do this ... She also wants to put Papa's wheelbarrow in there! I don't! I told her that there is no way I am putting it out there before I can get the rest of the fence panels. I need 3 more to finish it right. There is just flimsy garden fencing on the one side ... she just wants to rush everything and do things half-assed ... I won't risk the old wheelbarrow disappearing overnight. It's over 100 years old! And, it was Papa's!
Yes! My flag is flying on Flag Day! Is yours'?

The tea set sold! Waiting on payment so I can ship it on Monday. I only paid $3 for it! :) So, after shipping it's all profit.

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I took this pic the other day and forgot to post it ... these eggs have never been refrigerated. This is the way our ancestors stored them. Straight from the hen to the kitchen. They are unwashed until they are used, so the 'bloom' is still intact and keeping any bacteria away from the shell's pores.

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