Sunday, June 15, 2014

June 15, 2014

I almost finished painting the back wall! But, the sun hitting the wall made the paint start clumping ... So, I'll have to finish it next weekend. At least I got the highest peak done. That was a little nerve-wracking trying to get the ladder up high enough. Thank goodness for Papa's wheelbarrow! Yeah, it was pretty dangerous, but it worked. The wheelbarrow is made of iron and probably weighs over 100 lbs., so it wasn't going to move once the ladder was in it. Pictures later. I tried to take some a few minutes ago, but the angle of the shadows blocked the view of what I did.

I'll be going to the craft circle at the Co-op this afternoon. I'm taking the cross-stitch project again and maybe a couple of cards to embroider.

Just got home. It was a nice afternoon at the circle. Being Father's Day, only a few of us there. I got a bit more done on my cross-stitch. I didn't get any cards done, other than cutting them to size. I forgot to print out the templates I was going to use!

Having some eggs and sausage for dinner. Nikky had bacon!

I almost forgot to go out and get a picture of today's painting. I had to use flash and it turned out better than the one I tried to take this morning.

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