Wednesday, June 25, 2014

June 25, 2014

Huh. The Bonanza site is down. Annoying. Many shop-owners are pissed about it, especially those who pay for theirs'. They didn't send out emails to us that they were moving servers and now, apparently, they are having issues with the move. They were supposed to be done at 4am ...

Two-and-a-half hours of painting done. I made it up to the deck and around the glass doors! My mom got all the plants trimmed (they were about done for the season, anyway ...) on the side of the deck so she can paint the skirting tomorrow. I won't be painting tomorrow as I have to go shopping and pay bills ... But, I will be painting again on Friday.
Bonanza is finally back online.

Oh, came in just in time. Gusty winds picking up for the afternoon, local weather says.

Moved the plants that were hanging over the table. Made a new batch of hummingbird nectar, a new batch of milk kefir and now making my first batch of water kefir! It's a lot easier to make than kombucha, I think! But, I will continue to make that, too! I love fermenting!
It's kind of hard to tell, but what looks like white sand at the bottom of the jar is the water kefir grains. This is half of them.
It has been a long day. My mom decided an hour ago that she wanted to work outside some more. The winds brought clouds, which cooled it off outside enough to turn off the A/C. So, she wanted to start clearing the spent plants in the big brick box. Cutting them back from the wall that will be painted when the deck side is done. But, she has never gotten up there before. She did not want to be out there by herself in case her bad knee gave out. So, I held the step ladder for her. And, I read the first couple of chapters of Mahu by Neil S. Plakcy and drank a bottle of apple/vanilla kombucha and sat on the front steps while she worked. She got half of it done. Not bad - I can't believe how much energy she has regained the past couple of years! It even spit from the clouds for a couple of minutes, which was a surprise. We had a single horseweed growing in there and my mom got tired of seeing it, so she cut it down. It had not gone to flower, yet ... so, we probably won't get another next year ... But, the bucks like it!

My mouth is on fire! My mom coated chicken wings with chili powder AND Cayenne pepper! Whoooo.
This was spicy, but oh-so-good!

I found some more of Laurien Berenson's books! I'm going to start on Underdog tonight! Yes, I know, I just started reading Mahu! But, I usually read more than one thing at a time ... habit. Much of the time, it is several fanfics, so I don't often mention those ...

I forgot to share the postcard I made for my swap the other day. I really like how this one turned out. This was for my swap-bot group's first swap, Feathers Are Fun.
I don't think I shared this ATC, either! It was also for a swap that had to contain a map and a train.
Time for Criminal Minds!

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